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NDIS Compliance Support

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Working in the disability sector is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be complicated. Along with developing relationships and delivering services, there are numerous compliance issues to overcome. At Healthcare Consulting, we help new and existing NDIS operations to satisfy industry compliance, set policies and procedures and ensure faultless operation. Please review our registration and compliance services and make sure you’re covered. 

As an NDIS provider, you are obliged to ensure the integrity of the disability scheme. Along with providing care to program participants, you have a responsibility to protect against misuse and fraud within the NDIS. At Healthcare Consulting, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will answer any questions you have about NDIS provider compliance. 

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How can an NDIS provider be compliant?

NDIS provider compliance is about following rules to satisfy specific legal requirements. To ensure the integrity of the scheme, a number of rules have been set by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDIS Commission). As an NDIS provider, you agree to comply with these rules when you register with the NDIS. 

There are 6 primary NDIS compliance requirements:

  • Make correct and truthful claims for all payments
  • Limit supports to those within a participant’s plan
  • Identify, declare, and manage conflicts of interest
  • Behave fairly and ethically in all financial dealings
  • Don’t purposely mislead anyone to gain an advantage
  • Don’t attempt to convince a public officer to act unethically
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Compliance requirements supported by Healthcare Consulting

At Healthcare Consulting, we can help you to identify and meet all NDIS compliance requirements. There are many issues to consider, from acting in accordance with Australian Consumer Law to declaring prices, providing receipts and submitting payment requests. Our experienced team will support you during the initialisation and management of your services, including record keeping and ongoing compliance with consumer law responsibilities.

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NDIS Compliance support with Healthcare Consulting

At Healthcare Consulting, we can help you to satisfy registration audits and move forward with confidence. We care deeply about the disability sector, and we deliver high-level insights to support diverse clients across all levels of operation. From registration and renewal to training and support, we can help you to handle the challenges and stresses of NDIS compliance and delivery. 

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NDIS providers are obliged to meet certain standards. The NDIS Practice Standards are quality of service guidelines related to the provision of NDIS support and services to NDIS participants. The NDIS Practice Standards work alongside the NDIS Code of Conduct to build awareness and set expectations among program participants.

The NDIS Practice Standards are designed around individual modules. There is a core module that all providers need to satisfy and several supplementary modules based on your organisational structure and support services. Each module has a series of high-level, participant-focused outcomes, with the NDIS Commission preparing quality indicators assessed by auditors to ensure compliance.

Registered NDIS providers need to satisfy an NDIS compliance check to provide services. Compliance is about following NDIS rules and regulations to build confidence in your service. There are numerous risks associated with non-compliance, which include genuine mistakes and intentional acts of fraud. Along with harming program participants, non-compliance can have a negative operational, financial and legal impact on your operation.