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Becoming a professional NDIS provider can be incredibly rewarding, but it also presents operational and organisational challenges. All providers need to create NDIS policies and procedures that align with NDIS standards. At Healthcare Consulting, we can help you to navigate all policies and procedures associated with the NDIS. From initial registration and renewal to compliance and reporting, our experts are with you every step of the way. 

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Quality management systems (QMS) and policy manuals

Developing and implementing quality control is a major issue for the NDIS. Disability service providers must abide by quality management controls to meet the needs of participants and align with the NDIS Commission Practice Standards. A structured quality management system is set based on the size and scale of the provider. 

An NDIS Policy Manual is a special document designed by providers to highlight the NDIS framework within the confines of an internal quality management system. These manuals are the heart of every QMS, as they inform staff, participants and auditors about the organisation and how it operates. Creating a quality manual will help you set clear policies and satisfy NDIS registration audits.

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What should policies and procedures comprise of?

NDIS policies and procedures cover a lot of territories, with a Policy Manual helping to describe the intentions, procedures and practice methods of each organisation. Policies and procedures need to address all NDIS requirements without gaps and be produced clearly and concisely to enable easy comprehension. 

NDIS policies and procedures must be written in plain English, made fully editable and include a full set of forms. Policy Manuals are just the start, however, with a QMS also needing additional forms, registers and business records.

Compliance is integral to all NDIS providers

NDIS policies and procedures play an important role in compliance. NDIS Practice Standards consider multiple issues during the NDIS audit process, from legislation and regulation to best practice, risk and feedback. These things change over time, with ongoing editing needed to ensure accurate links between policies, procedures and compliance standards.

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The benefits of Healthcare Consulting

At Healthcare Consulting, we offer guidance and support related to NDIS audits, policies, and procedures. We work with organisations of all sizes and maturity levels, with our team delivering expert advice to help you make the right moves. We provide valuable insights, offer practical guidance and deliver ongoing support to help your organisation succeed. 

Please reach out to our team to get support for NDIS provider audits, policies and procedures.

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NDIS providers must satisfy operating standards via NDIS provider audits. There are four important NDIS Practice Standards: providing individual support, respecting individual values, upholding privacy and confidentiality and facilitating independence.

A QMS for an NDIS provider needs to address NDIS requirements and compliance issues without gaps. It must be written in clear English, made fully editable and designed with a full set of forms, registers and documents, along with a well-written Policy Manual.