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NDIS Provider Registration Renewal Support

You need to do this in order to continue providing support services that meet the NDIS Commission’s Quality Indicators and Practice Standards. Renewal also ensures that providers are complying with the standards and are effectively implementing policies and procedures from the input and feedback of your NDIS participants. We can help you in the renewal process — get in touch with us.

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Quality Indicators and Practice Standards

NDIS registration needs to be renewed on a regular basis. As a registered NDIS provider, renewal is required every three years under the NDIS Commission’s Quality Indicators and Practice Standards. At Healthcare Consulting, we can help you to set policies and manage documents in line with existing NDIS operating standards.

Audit Preparation

NDIS renewal is a robust system designed to ensure ongoing compliance with operating standards. Audits are an important part of this process, with an independent approved quality auditor assessing your organisation with each renewal. At Healthcare Consulting, we offer support throughout the audit preparation process.

Expert Consultants

NDIS provider registration renewal can be a stressful procedure. An independent auditor will assess your organisation in two stages against the components of the NDIS Practice Standards. At Healthcare Consulting, our experienced and knowledgeable consultants will answer any questions you have about the renewal process.

Application Process

To renew your NDIS registration, you need to complete the online application process via the NDIS Commission portal. This formal renewal process takes place anytime in the final 6 months of your registration. At Healthcare Consulting, we can guide you through the renewal application process to ensure a successful outcome


The NDIS renewal process is a complicated multi-stage process. Before renewal is granted, providers must undertake a mandatory online self-assessment to ensure compliance with relevant parts of the NDIS Practice Standards. At Healthcare Consulting, we can give you a thorough understanding of all self-assessment requirements.

Ongoing Assistance

NDIS renewal assistance is needed to provide continuing support services. Whether you’re a new healthcare provider or an existing operation, professional guidance is useful during the renewal process. At Healthcare Consulting, we provide support and ongoing assistance throughout the audit checklist and NDIS screening process.

Invaluable Information

To succeed as an NDIS provider, you need access to the right information. From training programs to business development, expert support is worth its weight in gold. At Healthcare Consulting, we provide exclusive access to valuable industry information through our unique Healthcare Consulting Platform (1-year free membership).

Our experts save you time and confusion and simplify the NDIS renewal process.

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The NDIS Provider Renewal Process

At Healthcare Consulting, our simple and transparent NDIS provider registration renewal process has been proven to work. We listen closely, speak clearly and give you access to the right information. We deliver the fastest NDIS registration turnover time in Australia, and we never compromise on standards or service delivery.

We provide professional ISO compliance, personalised policies and procedures and complete data security for your organisation. Our NDIS renewal support is inclusive and straightforward, with our large team catering to all languages and working with people from all walks of life. We offer a 100% approval rate for new registrations, so no one is left behind.

At Healthcare Consulting, we offer more than NDIS renewal assistance. Whether you’re a solo provider starting a new business or a large established organisation, we offer the following solutions:

NDIS Auditing & Gap Assessment

We offer a comprehensive NDIS auditing and gap assessment service for NDIS operations. Please contact our team to navigate the audit process with complete certainty.

NDIS Policies & Procedures

We deliver professional advice to help you navigate NDIS policies and procedures. Please reach out to our team for a thorough understanding of NDIS rules and regulations.

The Advantages of Healthcare Consulting

At Healthcare Consulting, we offer a comprehensive NDIS consulting program for organisations of all sizes and maturity levels. Whether you’re starting a brand-new business or expanding an existing healthcare concern, we can help you to get on the front foot. We provide valuable insights, offer practical guidance, and deliver ongoing support to help your organisation prosper. 

Please reach out to our team for professional NDIS renewal support.

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NDIS registrations need to be renewed every three years. Registered NDIS providers can begin the renewal process with the NDIS Commission within six months of the renewal date. This date is listed on your Certificate of Registration.

Preparing for an NDIS recertification involves several steps. You should carry out an internal audit to ensure compliance with current NDIS Practice Standards and review all policies, procedures and systems to address any potential issues.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current service provider for any reason, you can transfer your registration to a new NDIS Approved Quality Auditor. In this situation, you need to supply your Certificate of Registration, Initial Scope of Audit, last audit report and self-assessment evidence.